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Beta-Calco now represented by Vertex Solutions
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Vertex introduces Esko Design and TechoLED to Upstate New York
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Finelite introduces HP-2 circles
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Vertex introduces Edison Lighting Group to Upstate New York
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Vertex introduces SONNEMAN - A Way of Light to Upstate New York
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Since 1941, Beta-Calco has held a passion for designing cutting-edge professional lighting that changes how spaces are illuminated while upholding the enduring principles of quality and craftsmanship.

Beta-Calco's objective is to work in lockstep with clients by developing innovative products that meet their variegated design needs and comply with the latest energy and construction standards. Furthermore, their manufacturing infrastructure allows them to scale products and satisfy niche design requirements.

Leading-edge wellness technologies including BIOS, Tunable White, and Dim to Warm are embraced by Beta-Calco; as well as open-source connectivity to intelligent control systems, including Power over Ethernet.

A customer-centric approach to service and product design is the basis of Beta-Calco's reputation and how they have become a key lighting supplier across the globe.

You can find more information at the Beta-Calco website and from your local Vertex sales office.